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Strategic Partners

Distressed Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”) was established June 2012 and is located in Irvine CA. DCM is an asset manager focused on the valuation, acquisition, and liquidation – via REO sale or whole loan sale – of residential non-performing loans (NPLs). Investor returns are normally derived by purchasing NPLs at a discount, converting to REO and liquidating at a profit net of costs. If desirable leverage is utilized. DCM typically offers its services as a fee-based manager but will consider equity stakes in lieu of some portion of fees depending on the transaction. DCM communicates deal performance closely with its stakeholders via monthly management reports. Strategic deal decisions – such as a material loan sales or servicer change – are usually decided with the client’s approval via formal investment committee.

Founded in 2003 as a specialty finance company, Residential Mortgage Solution (hereafter “RMS”) has acquired more than $1.3 billion UPB of troubled residential mortgage assets, including both first and second lien mortgages and REO properties.

In an effort to improve its own portfolio performance, RMS, and its affiliate RAM, engineered a highly effective servicer surveillance and oversight solution powered by a revolutionary web-based search and analysis engine called Mortgage Market Management (“M3”). This combination of talent and technology was developed specifically for asset level surveillance of sub and non-performing residential mortgage loans and REO Asset Management.

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